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Advice on how to State test prep for your child

Aced my TEST jeifloralparkTests have always been an important measure of a child’s academic progress. This is especially true with the adoption of the Common Core curriculum. In order to excel, a student needs to do more than understand the material—they must also master test-taking strategies. JEI Learning Center is here to offer test preparation tips for young students. Our learning center in the local Queens /Long Island area offers Common-Core aligned math & english tutoring, reading & writing enrichment after-school/ weekend programs for children ages 3–14.

Here are three test preparation tips for young students:

  • Understand Test Terms: To ace a test, young students need to learn and understand common test terms. Most instructions will include words like “summarize,” “describe, “define,” and “choose.” Our Common-Core Test preparation for elementary school students, includes vocabulary practice based on these popular terms.
  • Master Multiple Choice: Our Test preparation also includes strategies on how to master multiple choice questions. We encourage students to read the question twice and underline the main points. This will help them stay focused as they read the choices. Then, students should cross out any answers that look immediately incorrect to help narrow down their choices.
  • Practice Pacing: When tests include a variety of activities, like short answers and multiple choice questions, young students can get hung up on how long to spend in each section. Our students know that it’s better to skip a question they don’t know and go back to it later on timed tests. If they know which sections of the test are worth more points, we encourage them to spend the most time on those questions.

JEI Learning Center in Floral Park, Queens makes our students feel confident going into every exam. To learn more about our test preparation for the upcoming Common-Core tests, please call (718) 347-3138 or email at You can also like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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