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Benefits of Preschool Enrichment

Preschool enrichment benefits


Many parents have asked, how is your program differentiate themselves from the “play-based preschool”? So in these programs there is some singing time,  snacks, play time and circle time to structure their day. But how come I should take my child to JEI’s early learning program? Will your hard-earned dollars translating into a brighter future for your little one?

Math is an especially important component of early learning, teaching your child problem solving and reasoning skills. Is your child struggling to grasp early math concepts? Here are three signs your child could benefit from math tutoring.

Signs Your Child Needs Math Tutoring

1. Lack Of Confidence

If your child isn’t brimming with excitement when they come home from their preschool program, they might benefit from additional tutoring. Most children are excited when they learn something new or master a concept, which is why you should be concerned about a lack of confidence. Fortunately, professional math tutoring can help your child to master core concepts, building their confidence. Also, let us emphasize the small class setting.

2. Poor Grades

As early as it might seem, poor math grades in an early education program could signal the need for additional math tutoring. Research has shown that addressing early learning problems at the preschool level is cheaper and more effective than addressing the same types of issues later on. Additionally, learning centers offer interactive activities and a dynamic social circle for your little one, making learning fun and interesting.

3. Time Management Issues

If your kid is consistently “forgetting” about those math flash cards or practice worksheets, it might be a sign they don’t like the subject because they don’t understand it. Math tutoring can benefit kids with time management issues because these programs can help children to understand the content, address the material proactively, and learn time management skills.

The research is clear. Early education matters. Study after study has shown that kids who attend high-quality, educationally focused preschools experience powerful learning benefits regardless of other factors, including economic status. For these reasons, it is vital for parents to evaluate their child’s early learning program and consider the benefits of the JEI Learning Center in Queens / Long Island. To discuss math tutoring or other enrichment programs, call the learning center at (718) 347-3138 today.


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