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HELP, I need a Math tutor!

QUEENS LONG ISLAND NEW YORK HELP ME WITH MATHIs your child struggling with Math and easily get discouraged?

It’s important to intervene early on before they decide math is too difficult for them. Using proven learning techniques, you can help reinforce the math skills your children learn in school and help them gain enthusiasm for the subject. Here, the team at JEI Floral Park discusses advice for improving your child’s math skills.

These three tips can help build your child’s affinity for numbers:

  • Create a Daily Routine: Choose a specific time for your children to complete their assignments every day. Make yourself available to help them remember concepts that they may have forgotten and to ensure they understand the topics. Even if your children do not have any math homework to work on, spending just 10 minutes a day can help them improve their math skills.
  • Turn everyday events into a Math Problem: Figuring out which box of cookies give you more for your money? Make a trip to the grocery store a learning experience. Kids nowadays are solving problems once they learn all math concepts so use it in your day to day life. If you have a young child who’s just learning how to count and they do not know their addition and subtraction facts when counting thai snack items. Who has more Goldfish or grapes? How many more does Mommy have then you? They won’t even know they are learning while having a snack!
  • Review Math Terminology: It’s a good idea to regularly review math vocabulary with your children so they fully understand the skills they’re learning. Use the right terms when you talk about math at home. It may be beneficial to have your children create a math dictionary to keep track of the terms and concepts they are learning.The team at JEI Learning Center your children develop confidence in their math skills through a structured learning program designed to meet their individual needs.

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