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Can my child be Gifted and Talented?

If you’re the parent of a brilliant child, the question is rarely far from your mind: “Is my child gifted?” In New York City, a standardized Gifted and Talented Test designates entry into this coveted path of learning, and the best time to start preparing for it is right now. To guide you through the process, consider the programming at JEI Learning Center, Queens, NY’s  trusted destination for test readiness and enrichment classes that focus on fun, promoting your child’s critical thinking and growth while encouraging them to have a blast.

The New York City Gifted and Talented test is administered to kids between the ages of 3.5-7. The results of this test will determine entry into one of NYC’s most competitive schools by measuring your child’s aptitude through a variety of challenging comprehension and reasoning questions. Subjects on the test range from arithmetic and logic to aural reasoning and inference. Even the ability to follow directions will figure into your child’s results on the test.

Preparation for these types of questions is not about “teaching the test” at JEI Learning Center. Instead, it all comes down to leading your child through engaging group and autonomous activities that ignite a passion for learning. Every program is personalized to meet the abilities and needs of your child as an individual and led by an experienced instructor. While kids play, laugh, and learn, they will also be developing verbal, cognitive, reasoning, and social skills that will prove invaluable on the Gifted and Talented Test and well into their academic and professional lives. To learn more about our Gifted and Talented Coaching Program, call us today at 718.347.3138.


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