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Conquering Report Card Anxiety



Poor Grades? Need Improvement? Chances are these two words cause anxiety for both students and parents. Poor Math test scores can lead to feelings of inadequacy (as a student or a parent), worries about being held back a grade, or fears of not having a successful future. For most, poor grades are followed by a series of questions, such as:

Who’s to blame for learning struggles?

For parents, these fears often manifest as blame; blame on the student, the teacher or themselves. Often, the assumption is that less-than-stellar grades are a reflection of poor teaching, laziness on the part of the student, or poor parenting. Almost always, these assumptions are incorrect.

Let JEI Learning Center Floral Park help you navigate the root cause of this. JEI’s comprehensive diagnostic system will analyze each student’s test results and prescribe an individual study program. The individualized learning program is tailored to each student’s needs and abilities, which creates an optimal educational environment. Through our small class, your child’s learning skills can be strengthened with the right intervention.

JEI can coach and help you develop better study habits!!

Make this your child’s last bad report card. At JEI, we teach for understanding: More than homework help, the classes JEI aims to help them understand the subject on a fundamental level. This approach enables them to grow into high-achieving and independent learners. JEl’s program is self-paced with a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for everyone.

Let us be there for your child. When it comes to academics, your child shouldn’t have to struggle to earn better report card scores.  Contact us at 718-347-3138 or email us at


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