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After-school programs offer students an abundance of benefits that extend far beyond academic enrichment. JEI LEARNING CENTER Floral Park/Little Neck  learning center that provides comprehensive enrichment programs for students from preschool through ninth grade. We understand the unique advantages that make after-school programs important for young learners.

Here, JEI Learning Center share some of the benefits of after-school programs.

  • Enhances Academic Understanding & Effort: The most obvious benefit of after-school programs is the academic leg-up that students achieve. With an approach better tailored to the unique needs of the student, an after-school program increases understanding of course material. JEI Learning Center’s after-school sessions also foster greater interest in the subject, inspiring students to try harder, be more consistent, and establish goals.
  • Supports Healthy Relationships & Diminishes Acting Out:After-school programs help students build and maintain meaningful relationships with teachers and other students. Smaller class sizes mean more individualized attention and more opportunity for students to support and encourage one another. A natural result of these solid relationships is a nurturing, positive environment where students are less likely to act out or misbehave.
  • Builds Leadership Skills: JEI Learning Center is all about empowering students. They are invested in helping your child be the best they can be, and part of this is promoting the development of good leadership skills. A recent study found that 82% of students involved in a Boys and Girls Club after-school program took part in leadership activities like student council and volunteering.

Call JEI Learning Center at (718) 347-3138 to sign your child up for an after-school program. Help the young learner in your life sharpen their academic skill, build quality relationships, and create lasting leadership abilities; sign up for an after-school program at JEI Learning Center today.


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