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IPPR StepsAt JEI, our team of highly-trained educators is committed to delivering the very best in academics to each and every child who walks through our doors. Whether he or she needs help in Math, English, or Reading & Writing, we can create an individualized plan that will be tailored to students’ specific needs and abilities.
We believe that anyone can succeed if given the right tools, and the right tools begin with the right diagnosis. Based on the principles of mastery learning, the JEI Diagnostic System comprises two types of evaluation: the Diagnostic/Achievement Test and the Interim Test. Both measure students’ abilities in the given subject—whether mathematics, language arts, or critical thinking—at every step of the program.
To determine where students’ strengths and weaknesses lie, we start out by giving a Diagnostic Test. They then receive an Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR), which prescribes the necessary workbooks for their level. At the end of each weekly workbook is an Interim Test. Lastly, an Achievement Test is given at the end of each level, to ensure that a child has mastered the material before moving on. 
Diagnostic Test: 
By having students take a comprehensive diagnostic test that spans several different grades, we are able to prescribe a learning program that is unique to each individual. When reviewing the tests, we can analyze the findings to determine gaps, and come up with a study program that will turn any weaknesses into strengths.
Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR):
This two-page IPPR computer analysis report is made up of five sections: content of errors, analysis by domains, analysis of errors, prescription program, and progress schedule. Offering much more than a glimpse at mistakes, this report shows parents where the weakness are, why they are, and what specific course of action will be taken.
Interim Test: 
When students are enrolled in the JEI program, they will take a weekly interim test to make sure that they understand the core concepts and that nothing has slipped through the cracks. By maintaining frequent assessments, we guarantee that students are headed in the right direction, and that at no point are they overwhelmed by the curriculum.
The JEI Evaluation System is designed to cater to the student’s needs, placing a premium on each child’s unique method of learning and retaining new information. With an individualized study program that promotes self-pacing, students can feel at ease as they master each new objective.
To obtain more information about our unique program, please feel free to visit JEI Floral Park-Little Neck or call us at 718-347-3138 today. Boost your child’s confidence, curiosity, and academic performance with tutoring and supplemental education courses most innovative learning center serving Floral Park, Queens Village, Glen Oaks, Bellerose, Elmont, New Hyde Park, Jamaica, Rosedale, Great Neck South, & Little Neck area.
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